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Nkechi Blessing, an actress, says as she shows off her current property, “This is my sweat and blood.”

Nkechi Blessing, a popular Nollywood actress, has resorted to social media to show off her new home, which she built from the ground up.

The actress, who was heartbroken after losing her mother in September 2021 because she didn’t get to view their new home, posted a photo collage of the lovely home.
She captioned it,

“The pinnacle of my 2021” This is my Sweat and Blood right here. 6 MONTHS OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION I offer all the glory to God. Nobody told me building a house would be this difficult, especially with the rise in building materials, but I DID IT. My mother, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to see Our house, which she had always desired and silently longed for. I was planning on writing a long letter, but I’ll leave it here for now because it still feels like a dream. From beginning to end, everything was built from the ground up. I’ll be messing with your schedule for the next week. Thank you again, Lord. #unstoppable #ogoagbaye

“Best of luck to her!

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