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Nigerians Reacts as Very rich person Club Owner Obi Cubana was Arrested by EFCC for Money Laundering & illegal Tax Fraud

Nigerians Reacts as Billionaire Club Owner Obi Cubana was Capture by EFCC for Illegal tax avoidance and Assessment Extortion. As indicated by punch paper Famous socialite and finance manager, Obinna Iyiegbu, otherwise known as Obi Cubana, has been Arrested by the Monetary and Monetary Violations Commission for Money Laundering.

The Anambra-born club Owner, who showed up the base camp of the EFCC at Jabi, Abuja, at about early afternoon on Monday, is at present being investigated by agents of the commission.

However charges against the socialite were crude as of press time, a source unveiled that his case verges on supposed tax evasion and expense misrepresentation.

The source said, “Obi Cubana was captured and welcomed to the EFCC base camp on Monday evening over charges of tax evasion and expense extortion. He is being barbecued by criminal investigators right now.” The EFCC representative, Wilson Uwujaren, said he still can’t seem to be informed on the turn of events. Obi Cubana stood out as truly newsworthy in July when he facilitated a garish internment for his mom in Oba, Anambra State, wherein more than 200 cows were allegedly killed. The sumptuous presentation of abundance set the rumor mills in motion with numerous Nigerians pondering with regards to his wellspring of riches.

Here is The Two Main Reason Why Obi Cubana was Arrested

1) Money Laundering

This is a significant monetary offense. This the illicit course of making a lot of cash produced by a crime, for example, drug dealing or fear based oppressor subsidizing, seem to have come from an authentic source. The cash from the crime is considered filthy, and the cycle “washes” it to make it look clean.

2) Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud is another monetary offense which happens when an individual or business substance adamantly and purposefully adulterates data on a government form to restrict the measure of duty obligation. Or then again, a circumstance where somebody wrongfully try not to pay charges is an illustration of duty misrepresentation Tax Fraud.

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