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Nigerians react to Zazu star Portable’s throwback photos, saying- “Na fine boy before’

Nigerians have had contradicting reactions to throwback images of fast-rising Nigerian artist Portable that have leaked online.

The Zazu Zeh singer looked significantly different in the photographs that made their way to social media than he does now. Portable looks chubbier and healthier in the images, with his trademark blonde hair.
Surprised at the disparity Nigerians blamed his current emaciated appearance on drugs and asked him to quit so he could regain his body.

see poeple’s reactions ?

“First person wey em throwback go better pass em present,” @orunmila 1 wrote.

@oba 823, “That’s the power of taking drugs and not caring about yourself, gaddamn self!!!!”

@alpha duchess, “He appears to be an addict, and treatment is exactly what he requires.”

@mobrixx otg, “That’s what smoking and crack can do to your health.” He’d better look after himself.”

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