Nigerian woman cries out for help over alleged domestic violence – “My husband wants to kill me” 


Efe, who’s based in Port Harcourt with her husband, shared photos of her bruised back showing what looked like teeth bite marks in a Christian Facebook group and claimed that her husband had been physically and emotionally abusing her. 

The mother of three noted that she’s been enduring torture in her marriage because of her children.

 Efe Okoto Oruambo, has taken to Facebook to cry out for help after she was allegedly assaulted by her husband.

Speaking on how she got the marks on her back, she alleged that her husband beat her to a pulp and threatened that he was going to kill her after he came home drunk.

“I’m being abused emotionally, physically, and otherwise… I’ve escaped death on several occasions in my marriage. I’ve endured it all for the sake of my three cute children. I’ve just been hit by the last straw. I’ll rather be alive and single than die in this marriage.

“I need help. I don’t know where to run to nor who to turn to. I’m based in Port Harcourt. I don’t know any domestic violence office to get help from. This is what I received about an hour ago. He, my husband, Victor Oruambo came home late, drunk and high and meant to kill me and go to prison tonight. God saved me. I need help… I can no longer keep suffering this way… I need help… Please help me”, she wrote.


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