Nigerian singers who have been assaulted while entertaining fans on stage and how they handled it

Like every profession, music in Nigeria also comes with its hazard, which has proven the extent singers have gone to satisfy their fans.

Over the years, we have witnessed Nigerian music stars who have been assaulted right on stage while performing While some have been described as fan love for these artists, many of these fans have, however, crossed the line in the supposed show of love for the music stars Your support matters.

The music industry continues to welcome newcomers who are all out to make a name and build a brand for themselves. While many may be focused on gaining popularity and making money, some would be caught unaware of the extent some fans could go to get an opportunity to meet with them.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of music stars who have n assaulted by supposed fans who have crossed the line.

In this article, we take a look at four popular Nigerian singers who have been assaulted live on stage and how they handled it.

1. Ruger

Upcoming Nigerian star and Mavin signee Ruger is the latest music star to be assaulted live on stage.

Ruger was, on Sunday, March 27, assaulted on stage while performing his hit song Dior as a female fan grabbed his manhood when he moved to the edges of the stage.

The reaction from the Mavin artiste showed he was visibly angry by the action as he stood still for some seconds before leaving the stage in anger.

2. Wizkid

Nigerian international singer Wizkid is by far one of the loved singers in Nigeria and the world. Unfortunately, like top celebrities in the industry, Wizzy have had some cases of him being physically assaulted on stage while performing when a fan who wanted to have physical contact with him mounted the stage.

However, as the bouncers attempted to whisk the guy off stage, he held on to Wizkid’s leg causing the singer to fall on stage.

The fall, however, didn’t stop Wizkid from performing as he went on as if nothing had happened.

3. Davido

DMW boss Davido is also on the list of artists, who a fan attempted to assault on stage.

In 2021 during the singer’s performance in Abuja, a fanatic attempted to rough handle the singer who anticipated the move and swerved as quick as possible. Thanks to one of Davido’s bodyguards, the fan was restrained and taken off the stage while the DMW singer continued as nothing happened never happened.


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