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Nigerian mother’s funny reaction to her son finally barbing the hair she has always complained to him about

After a video of a Nigerian mother’s overjoyed reaction to seeing her son cut the hair she’d always complained about went viral, netizens laughed.

It’s no secret that most African parents like their children to have a unique appearance and are rarely satisfied with the current outlooks that the younger generation prefers… So when this Nigerian mother noticed that her kid had finally removed the hair she’d constantly complained about, she was overjoyed to the point where he was probably her favorite child at the time.The mother is seen in the video hugging her son warmly and praising him for finally obeying her. What has netizens’ ribs cracking is the fact that she was overjoyed to see him with the new hairstyle.

Her attitude is similar to how most African parents would behave if their children were in the same circumstances.


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