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Nigerian man disappointed after using his fiancèe to test if his bestfriend will betray him; he failed woefully

A Nigerian man took part in a social experiment to see if his best buddy would be loyal to him, but he failed miserably.The objective was to use his girlfriend to see if his bestfriend would defend him and his relationship, but the result surprised him.

In the viral video, a man known only as Afo boasted about completely trusting his friend and that he would never let him down by falling for the prank.His girlfriend called his bestfriend as planned and informed him that she has had feelings for him for a long time but couldn’t tell him due of her boyfriend.Initially suspicious of her admission, the said bestfriend eventually acknowledged that he, too, had eyes for her.He also agreed to get out with his friend’s girlfriend and, to make matters worse, said he was thinking kissing her.

Afo, who had been listening the entire time, was devastated by his friend’s betrayal and stormed out of the scene.


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