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Nengi, a reality TV star, compensates a pal who is too busy for her (screenshots)

Nengi, a Big Brother Naija contestant, has compensated one of her close friends, Adeola, who complained that she has been too busy for her and barely has time for their companionship.

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Adeola uploaded a screenshot of their conversation on Snapchat, noting that she realizes that the reality star has been extremely busy with work.Nengi responded by asking for a chance to make amends. She requested that her friend send her her account information, and she was rewarded with a sum of N500,000.The friend who was excited by the gesture took to social media to express gratitude while sharing screenshot of the alert.

“I’m really emossh because Nengi is about to bribe me like this.” This is the kind of enthusiasm I’m hoping for from one of my friends in December…” she added.”What my bribe looks like,

@queenrebeccah is like you’ll be bribing me everyday ooo, because I adore this,” she captioned a screenshot of the credit alert. We’ll always be flowers. “Thank you, sweetheart.”

check screenshot below ?

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