Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko, the husband of Nollywood star Regina Daniels, was reportedly arrested by the Economic Financial Crimes Commission.Cutie Julls, an Instagram blogger, claimed that security operatives had picked Ned Nwoko for questioning within the week.According to the article, Ned Nwoko was afraid that his detention would be made public, so he exploited the arrest of s*x therapist Jaruma to distract attention from his own.

The blogger went on to say that Ned Nwoko is still being held by the EFCC, but that the reason for his detention has not been revealed.The arrest, however, has sparked conjecture that it is linked to the issue of forcibly stealing lands and crops from people in Ogwashi-Ukwu, Delta State.Hmm Una, do you know what’s up? reads the message.So, according to a reliable source, Pa Ned was apprehended by the EFCC on Tuesday or Wednesday for questioning.

Oga was terrified that it would come out. As a result, he utilized Mamalawo’s arrest to hide his tracks. Pa Ned is on the EFCC’s radar right now, confirmed!He’s being probed for a number of things. You can count on me to bring you all the details as quickly as possible.In 2021, Jaruma chastised Ned Nwoko for claiming that her “kayanmata” had failed him.Nwoko previously discussed his divorce from his Moroccan wife.

Nwoko noted Laila’s “wayward lifestyle” and “extramarital romance” in the statement.He chastised Jaruma for stating that her native potion had successfully ended the marriage.

“As for Jaruma’s assertion that her kayanmata is working on Ned Nwoko and that this is why his wife Laila left, such supposition is ridiculous. The merchant had stated that Jaruma had married a younger man.

How did a childless marriage come to an end after only a year? “I’m not sure why Kayanmata didn’t work.”Jaruma retaliated against Nwoko in a video, criticizing his management of his marital troubles.”Everything you’ve said about your Moroccan wife Laila has just served to damage her reputation.” When she’s the aggressor, you say she’s playing the victim. The s£x therapist stated, “Laila has never said anything negative about you.”

“All of the things you’ve written about her will be seen by your children as they grow up.” You stated you sold Kayamata, yet you couldn’t even hold your own man. A complete you, a 74-year-old we admire? What’s the best way to put it?”If I respond, they tell me I don’t have home training.” You stated that you had never used Kayamata and that your partner had left you two years ago. He doesn’t post anything accusing me of cheating. You won’t hear me say anything negative about him.You’re 74 years old. You’re meant to set an example for us to follow. This is not the way to talk about your spouse.

“How can a 21-year-old girl manage you and your entire PR staff to type that five-page statement on your website if kayamata isn’t working on you?” It’s having an effect on you. It’s impossible to say it’s not working.”You seem to enjoy being in the news.” Despite being a senator and a millionaire prince, you married Regina Daniels for the sake of fame. You brought up my name again after three weeks because you wanted the attention.”

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