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“Na by force to spray celebrity?” says the narrator. — Reactions to Tems returning a $1 note given to her by a fan at a recent concert.

Tems, the singer, was caught on video returning a $1 dollar given to her by a fan at a recent concert in a video that has gone viral.

The fantastic vocalist was just performing at an event when a fan was so taken with her performance that he slipped her a $1 bill.Tems took the money from the supporter and retuned it to the fan while yelling “one dollar.””Not @temsbaby throwing my money back at me,” a Twitter user claiming to be the fan commented after sharing the footage online.
Fans of the ‘funny stuff’ singer have reacted to the video with laughter. Check out some of the reactions below.

@aimthamachine_, “Make the guy utilize his money and keep his body, January obtain 44 weeks o o o o o o

@oputeval, “She just manages to naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa “Normally, a gift from the heart to the heart.”

@fashiondoctor19, “Is it by force that a celebrity is sprayed?”

@gungirl001, “He didn’t read the terms and conditions very carefully.”

@qing alyssa, “I suppose knock you join,” she says.

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