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Mystery Red Boxes Hit Lagos Streets… Who’s Painting the City Red?

Here’s a Red Box, and there’s a Red Box over there. There are Red Boxes everywhere, even if it isn’t yet Christmas. Gaan, gaan, what’s the matter?As Nigerians awoke this morning to find some mysterious, yet beautiful red boxes at a number of sites across the country, these are the questions on everyone’s minds.A QR Code with the hashtag #SpotTheRedBox appears on each of these boxes. This trait indicates that it is likely to be part of a public relations stunt or a planned brand activation. Whatever it is, we’re looking forward to it…

But we ask: which brand is painting the City Red?What happens when one scans the QR code?

They say curiosity kills the cat. But that’s not a soji cat. Rather, we’re confident that these boxes will enrich our lives, as the lovely Red Boxes tease interesting discoveries for those who are BOLD enough to investigate.

Maybe it will bring great gifts or freebies to whosoever scans the QR code — Lord, you know… you know… we could all use some freebies during these special times.

Or perhaps it will lead the audacious one to a website, a gateway, or transport us to Timeless locations full of unfathomable mysteries and thrills, such as the metaverse? Hmmm! What are the chances?

So, fellas and folks, let’s Go out there. #SpotTheRedBox. Scan the QR Code. And come back here and share with us your enthralling experience.Don’t worry, we won’t ask you for our own share.As for me, I’m Aspirational… I wan go #SpotTheRedBox. Quick. Quick.


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