My new album is 95% ready; it will most likely be my last album – Olamide reveals.

Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide, is a veteran singer and award-winning rapper who said on Saturday, February 2021, that his soon-to-be released album is 95 percent complete.

This was announced on the phenomenal rapper’s verified Twitter account. Olamide claims that he is unsure of the actual release date. He explained that he was simply taking his time to make it the finest it has ever been.

While he stated that his new album, ‘Unruly,’ might be his last, he continued to release singles in between.

As he puts it: “Next Album = #Unruly 95% ready. Release date = I don’t knowTaking my time to make it the best ever… probably my last album.

When I feel like it, I’ll release singles once in a blue moon. It’s been a crazy ass run, releasing albums one after the other.”

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