My little daughter suffered from abuse at a daycare” man cries on social media.

man has shared distressing photos of his daughter’s face after she was allegedly beaten up at a daycare facility.

The heartbroken man took to microblogging site, Twitter, to share the gut-wrenching photos on Sunday afternoon, May 8, in which the little girl’s face was swollen and bruised.“Daughter beaten up a day care”,

@SolaceZirk tweeted.See below,The photos has sparked outrage on social media as netizens threaten to rain fire and brimstone on the said daycare if the assault had happened to their child.However, some others disputed claims that the child was beaten up, while noting that the bruises were inconsistent with that of an assault.See how some people reacted below,

@styledbyyetty wrote, “Somebody must die for that daycare na my own be that ahhhahn!!!!! Which kind nonsense!!!!”

@femaleking___ wrote, “Huh???? If someone does this to kid brothers or my niece Omo blood will flow o”

@theonlytraceey wrote, “I’ll be arranging thugs and area boys for whoever did this, if it was my kid.”

@homotolaoulubumi29 wrote, “I don’t believe this may be the baby fell and hit her face on something cus nobody In her right sense will beat a baby”

christabelmay4realrizefm wrote, “I can’t believe this maybe probably he fell on his face except the person that did this is mentally imbalance honestly”


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