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“My heart is racing,” says Iheme, an actress. Nancy cries out After losing $7,000 in the Bitcoin crash

Iheme Nancy, a Nollywood actress and influencer, grieved bitterly after losing a whopping $7,000 due to the Bitcoin price fall.On Monday, May 23, the actress took to her Instagram account to lament her plight, revealing that she has been severely impacted by the recent Bitcoin crisis.

The Edo-born actress then urged her fans and followers to give money to her if they actually care about her.

She wrote,

“Someone please buy me lunchtoday, my money is really going down on Bitcoin and my heart is racing….Let me see those that loves mel lost 7k$Someone should adopt me so they can feed me for some time.”

A follower chastised her for using style to beg for money because she was financially insecure in reaction to the post, which she has now deleted.Nancy responded by dismissing her followers’ claims that she was broke and claiming that she could never be broke.She stated,

“I can never be broke, some people no just understand say Iheme Nancy is too sweet and can’t go broke. If I go broke, why am I a woman?”


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