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My father is delighted of me for not returning home with pregnant.-Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime, a Nigerian media personality and actress, has said that not having a child out of wedlock made her father proud.She said this while answering questions on the Tea with Taymesan podcast, where she also discussed how she has avoided causing trouble.

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“I don’t find hardship appealing,” Nancy stated. Drama does not appeal to me. I am honest with myself. I am someone who is just concerned with her work, her ambitions, and the tasks she must complete, rather than with inflicting harm on others.””I started working when I was 17, I’ve learned,” the Nollywood star remarked of her career and how she broke into the entertainment industry. I’m a wise old soul. I pay attention to others and learn from them. That isn’t to say I don’t make mistakes. When I talk in this manner, it is from a position of wisdom, not from a place of perfection.
I don’t go somewhere I don’t have to be, and I’m just at work. Being in social events does not help my mental health because I am an anxious person. It’s different when I’m working because it’s something I enjoy doing.People don’t realize I’m a shy person. My employment has taught me to disregard my shyness. When you see me in public, you’ll notice that I walk with my head down, which means I stroll past a lot of people. By not returning home pregnant, I did my father proud.I’ve stated several times that I am not from a wealthy family.I had to convince my father to cool off because I was going to buy my way out of school.”

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