My boyfriend changed my life for the better ” lady exclaims.

A beautiful lady has taken to social media to appreciate her boyfriend, who she says changed her life for the better in just six months of meeting him.

The lady identified as Rosie on Twitter, stated that she met and began dating her sweetheart in November 2021, and that he has completely transformed her life since then.

The excited lady who professed her love for her spouse also stated that they had both recently moved into a new apartment.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, she shared a snapshot of the two of them clutching the keys to their new house, and captioned it,”We met in November now we got our crib in May.. I love my boyfriend so much he literally changed my life around for the better ? Cheers to starting our life together.

”Reacting to Rosie’s post, another lady shared the interesting story of how she and her man started living together from the first day they met and have been together for three years now.

“You stronger than me and mines !! We moved in together the day we met ? August makes 3 years. I don’t recommend this to anyone, it jus so happened to work out for us. Right person, right time.” She wrote.


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