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“Most Nigerian men bring up marriage the instant you tell them you’re a doctor or nurse.” – A woman laments

Female doctors in Nigeria are “rarely ever desired for who they are,” according to a Nigerian Twitter user, because most men want them solely for their vocation.

The lady complained on Twitter that if a woman tells a Nigerian man she’s a doctor or a nurse, they immediately bring up marriage without even getting to know her.She went on to say that most Nigerian men regard female doctors as trophies, and that most of these guys are unwilling to support them because they feel they are wealthy.She backed up her claim with a tweet claiming that males drove around the Lagos University Teaching Hospital looking for female doctors and nurses.

In her words;

“It’s both fascinating and tragic to observe that Nigerian female doctors are rarely desired for who they are. When most Nigerian men learn you’re a doctor or nurse, they immediately think of marriage because they’ve discovered a trophy.They become fixated on that small thing and become so engrossed in it that they believe that’s all they need to know about you. “My wife is a doctor,” they simply want to be able to say.

Your entire personality is irrelevant; they are not prepared to invest in you as they would in other girls; all they care about is having that “trophy” in their home. And you spend so much time in school that these men believe they are doing you a favor by the time you graduate.”

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