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“Most female celebs can’t be as humble as Anita Joseph, my wife.” – MC Fish Says

In contrast to other female celebrities, MC Fish, the husband of prominent Nollywood actress Anita Joseph, highlights how subservient his wife is.

This follows the uproar that accompanied his bedroom video with his wife, which sparked widespread outrage throughout the internet.

MC Fish said in an interview with Saturday Beats:

“I can’t simply mention one thing, but a few.” My wife is a stay-at-home mom. She respects me at home, and I can confidently tell that most celebrities could not do what she does for me at home. They can’t be as obedient to me as Anita Joseph is. To top it up, she’s a friend and a good companion. She understands her responsibilities as a wife. The most beautiful quality is that she makes me laugh, even when I am angry.”

On his close video Anita Joseph shared on her Instagram page, MC Fish said;

“A great deal of individuals that censured that video where it counts truly need love, and the pitiful part is they have nobody showing them love. Individuals ought to have the option to communicate their thoughts in however they please, particularly assuming they are hitched. Actually Nigerians like to escape from the truth confronting them. Off every one of the issues in this nation, is it the adoration I’m appearing to my better half that individuals generally disapprove of? Nigerians ought to figure out how to confront the recent concerns which we have, including helpless power supply, uncertainty, craving and destitution”.

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