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Moment man dresses himself as Portable and proposes to a random lady who jumps with joy, not realizing it’s a prank.

A viral video capturing the moment a young lady fell for a scam that led her to believe Zazoo crooner Portable proposed to her has gone viral again.

In the video, a man dressed as Portable got down on one knee in a mall and proposed to a random lady, who hopped up and down and screamed ‘Zazoo’ a lot.As if that wasn’t enough, she took off her wig and revealed her wild side, completely unaware that she had been pranked.Meanwhile, the fake Portable looked exactly like the real one to persuade the lady; it had yellowish hair and a stunning resemblance to the Zazoo singer.

Funny enough, the lady said “yes” to the proposal, while the prankster dashed away with men who pretended to be his entourage.


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