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Mocheddah, a new mother, talks about her challenges with mental health and breastfeeding.

Mocheddah, a popular Nigerian singer, has spoken up about the difficulties she has faced since becoming a mother.According to the singer, her mental health suffered as a result of her low milk supply, making breastfeeding difficult at times.

My re-lactation journey.I had a terrible time with my milk supply the first week after giving delivery!Trying to get the baby to latch because I’m new at breastfeeding and can’t sit due to sutures and hemorrhoids.Breastfeeding and my mental health did not mix well.So I took my time and performed what I could, and as a result, my supply plummeted… I couldn’t even pump an ounce in a single day.Now that I’m feeling better, I started trying to re-lactate a few days ago… Getting her to latch and pumping numerous times was a challenge.

For the first two days, I got nothing (as in not a drop)”.

She went on to say that keeping happy for herself and her kid is vital to her, and that she will continue to try to boost her milk production as long as her mental health allows.

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