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Meet American lady who relocated to Africa and started working on the streets

Meet American lady who relocated to Africa and started hawking on the streets

An American woman, Sylvia Bichanga, who became a web sensation in the wake of being spotted peddling in the city of Kenya has shared her experience subsequent to migrating toward the East African country. The one who is hitched to a Kenyan man named Kelvin Opanga, addressed Tuko about her relationship and life as a peddler in the city of Kisumu, Kenya.

As per Sylvia, the nibble she sells are to a great extent generally welcomed in the lakeside city as customers love her food slow down due to the one of a kind American food she makes

I dont make chapatis or mandazis, so the food is exceptional, and many individuals have never tasted it.

My pizza pocket exceeds all expectations the more youthful ages, while the tea is a success among matatu drivers and conductors, she said.

The financial specialist likewise uncovered that individuals think that it is interested seeing a Caucasian woman selling.

The vast majority are exceptionally inquisitive of what I am selling and are very amped up for evaluating the food, she said.

Sylvia, who experienced childhood in Ohio, USA migrated to Kenya with her family through the Conservative Christian Mission, and she had no plans on getting hitched.

Talking on how she wedded Kelvin, she related how burglars struck their home in Kisumu and trucked away their hardware. She went with her dad to a hardware shop where Kevin worked, and that is the manner by which they met.

I was unable to accept my eyes when I saw him. My soul left my body. My hands were shaking, I had never seen such an attractive man in my life. That is the place where I went down a troublesome street, she said.
They in the long run got hitched in April 2021 and some photographs from the promising event showed Sylvia with her folks. In any case, Sylvia said the a significant test of being in a culturally diverse marriage is: Having been brought up in various societies it takes more correspondence than a typical marriage would.

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