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Maureen Esisi apologies to her ex husband and his new wife .

Nollywood Actor, Blossom Chukwueje recently gave got married a second time and it really caused a stir with online in-laws and supporters of his ex-wife, Maureen Esisi.

Pictures of Blossom’s new wife hit the internet and some trolls began insinuating that Maureen Esisi is a more sexy woman than Ehinome (the new wife.)A particular comment sparked reactions after Maureen Esisi herself commented “hahahaha” on it as people deemed it disrespectful to her ex-husband’s new wife.Maureen has now clarified and tendered a heartfelt apology to Ehinome.In her words;I tried to find the actual comment where this was made and I couldn’t find it.

I guess the Adamma lady must have been trolled enough to go look for her comment and take it down. It’s EXTREMELY important to me that i clear the Air cos really, no bride should go through such EVER.

I actually had to reach out to a blog to see if they got the full munch but that was how it was munched by them . But pls I still must clarify this. The “hahahahhahahaha” comment was meant for one of those two comments under that comment and not the adamma’ comment.

Someone had called me all sorts of horrible names and I had at-ed the person and commented the “hahahahahahahaha” but I guess I didn’t double check it before posting my comment so it got posted without the person’s handle making it look like I was replying adamma instead of the troll.

I know I play just too much but I would NEVER EVER be that mean to anyone ever and NOONE deserves such cruelty and of all days, on their Big day. All Said, I apologize to the Lovely Bride, it was very careless of me.


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