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Man who celebrated his birthday in graveyard says ghosts are haunting him

A Ghanaian man has screamed out, claiming that ghosts are now haunting him after he spent his birthday in a cemetery and became a viral phenomenon.Nkrumah Samuel, sometimes known as Remes Kay, is an actor and movie producer who was photographed celebrating at a cemetery with his pals dressed in traditional Kente garb.As the celebrant made merry with guests, a high table decorated with drinks and a cake was set between gravestones.Guests were not provided with chairs, so some chose to relax on gravestones during the party.

However, in a recent development, Nkrumah has expressed his dissatisfaction with his life after the party.In an interview with Abena Gold, the actor said that since his party, he has been haunted by ghosts.He explained that his motivation for celebrating in a graveyard was to send the message that one’s birthday isn’t just about adding a year to one’s life expectancy, but also about subtracting a year from one’s remaining years.Remes Kay revealed in an interview recorded in his native language that he has been experiencing terrifying things since his birthday celebration and believes ghosts are now after his life.


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