Man receives heartbreak after he caught his wife cheating on him with an okada rider.

Man has recieved his own share of the “proverbial breakfast” after he nabbed his wife cheating with an Okada rider (commercial motorcyclist).

The story has been making the rounds on Twitter and it was revealed that the said Okada rider is known to the family because he runs errand for them.

Unbeknwonst to the Husband, when the Okada Rider wasn’t running errands, he was busy ‘jamming genitals’ with his wife.Read the story below as narrated by Twitter user, HispyAss ;”

A man in my hood got married to a High school graduate and took her thru university, opened two big super markets for her and now the lady is doing so well, he built a house for her on the lady’s family land and lastly he caught her cheating with Okada rider.

They got married, had 2 kids before the woman upgraded herself academically and now have 3 kids. He established the woman without her seeking for jobs with her cert. All of a sudden the Okada rider they send on errands dey eat madam.

The matter is currently in court. The lady got the man arrested at a point when he threatened killing her and himself.”


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