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Last night at Psquare’s birthday party, three interesting things happened.

After years of being separated, Paul and Peter Okoye decided to bury the hatchet and hold a joint birthday party. For the first time in many years, they celebrated their 40th birthday together last night.

They threw a celebration for their friends and loved ones. Donjazzi, a prominent music producer, as well as Mr. Macaroni and Nedu Wazobia, two popular comedians, were among the celebs that attended the event last night.Here are some of the more noteworthy events from yesterday’s party:

For their friends and admirers in attendance, they each performed some of their old school jams. Don Jazzy joined them for a duet of their hit song ‘Collabo’ during the thrilling performance.

The performance was enthralling and bizarre at the same time. ‘E No Easy,’ ‘Bizzy Body,’ ‘Collabo ft Don Jazzy,’ ‘Do Me,’ ‘Shekini,’ ‘No One Like You,’ and many others were among the old school jams they performed together yesterday. Many individuals smiled as a result of the performance.

2. Last night at the party, Paul and Peter were cracking jokes together

Last night at the party, Paul and Peter were cracking jokes together.As the party drew to a close, Peter took up the microphone to thank all who had attended. Before heading to Paul’s house for the after party, he revealed he had previously had a welcome back party at his home. He stated that he is 40 minutes older than Paul as the reason. Everyone burst up laughing, but Paul chose to return the clap.

They shouldn’t worry about Peter, Paul said. According to the Bible, the name ‘Paul’ is a respectable king’s name,’King Saul,’ yet the name ‘Peter’ was known as ‘Jesus’ betrayal.’ In answer, Peter stated that in the Bible, he was still closer to Jesus than Paul. They both broke out laughing, putting a smile on the faces of the crowd.

3. Paul expressed his regret to Peter in such a lovely way.

3. Paul expressed his regret to Peter in such a lovely way.While they were performing, Paul took the microphone and instructed the Disc Jockey to pause the music for a moment because he had something to say. ‘Let me tell you,’ he said. Whatever happened at times had to happen in order for us to make sense of things. I’d like to share something with you. First and foremost, I want to express my regret to my brother…

…Now, when I apologize, I’ll apologize on a different level. This isn’t your average apology. “Fork nasty boy, fork Mr. P, bring back P-square!!!” is what I want to say. Rude Boy apologized to his brother and called for the old Psquare to be resurrected.

Everyone screamed with delight and began chanting ‘Psquare!’ as Rude Boy asked for the ancient P-square to be revived.

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