Lagos: Lady Goes Dumb After Visiting Lover She Met On Facebook

A young lady has suddenly gone dumb after visiting a lover she met on Facebook in Iyana-Isashi area of Lagos State.

The lady who resides in Port Harcourt realized she could no longer speak in the morning after spending the night with her lover.According to Vanguard, when the lady woke up in the morning she took a sachet of water and went outside to brush her teeth, while brushing she noticed that she had gone dumb.

The suspect said; “I met the victim on social media, and we became friends and then started dating.“Last week, she came from Port Harcourt to Lagos to visit me. We spent time together everything was okay until the next morning when she woke up and decided to brush her teeth.“She took a sachet of water from the bag of ‘pure water’ inside the house.

She stepped outside and by the time she finished brushing her teeth, she noticed she could no longer talk.“I was scared because she spoke to me when she woke up that morning before taking water and going outside to brush her teeth.”

Police from Iyana-Isashi Division were invited to arrest the suspect after all efforts to assist the victim recover her speech failed


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