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Lady shows off stark difference between the dress she ordered from her tailor and what she got

A Nigerian woman has show off the significant gap between the garment she ordered from her tailor and what she received.The disgruntled woman, who goes by the handle @Okanghe223 on Twitter, used the social media network to post photos of the outfit she desired and the dress she received.She wrote on it,

“Another tailor has done her best.What I ordered meet what I got??Note: Am not dragging nobody,I couldn’t laugh alone,so I decided to share my experiences”

see photos below ?

Her post has sparked hilarious responses on the platform, with others mocking her tailor for not delivering what was expected of her.Below are some reactions.

@MadQueenlady wrote, “Tailor: madam na 6 yards u needClient: manage 2 yards, the flare no necessary, cut am for backT: this no be the same laceC: I know but na d same colour, e go fine. Do am long sleeve make u use the lace design d handT: OK madam. The price na 4kC: ahnahn, abeg collect 2500″

@braun_skeen wrote, “Your material no reach ni plus the tailor must be either deeper life or Trumpeter.She no want make your nakedness show too much.”

@i_iyanz wrote, “Whatt?!!!! Maybe she didn’t take your measurements….no better explanation becauseeee what’s this?Then, always ask tailors to see their previous works before giving them what you want na. Be sure they’ve done something similar to what you want”

The lady soon revealed that the dress had been altered by the tailor, and it now looked slightly better.

What can you say about this? Kindly drop your comments below ??

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