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Lady quits her job when her boss demanded that she buy her underwear so he could sniff it.

On Twitter, a woman known as @StephMarioo describes how she resigned from her job after her supervisor demanded that she buy her underwear.

The lady recounted how he made many approaches toward her during work hours, always attempting to touch her at every possible chance.Things escalated into suspicion when he asked to buy her underwear so he could sniff it; a behavior she compared to that of a ritualist, prompting her to resign from her job.

She wrote;

“I quit my job because my boss couldn’t keep his hands off of me; it started with ‘Ahh you look good today, can I get a hug?’ No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, noTo him attempting to touch me at all times, then asking to buy my underwear because he wants to sniff it???Ritualist conduct reminds me of Ahn! No, I said! I’m still perplexed as to why certain males are unable to see boundaries and recognize that some lines must not be crossed! I hope that every young lady experiencing sexual harassment at work finds a route out; it’s not a healthy thing.”

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