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Lady left in shock after her boyfriend pulled an expensive ‘joke’ on her

Twitter user @nellykiki0 described how her neighbor’s boyfriend played a fairly pricey joke on her, leaving her inconsolable.Kiki stood forward and revealed that her neighbor’s boyfriend had told her that they could only get married if she first get pregnant for him.The young woman went ahead and decided to become pregnant on purpose, only to have the shock of her life when he informed her that he was joking and wasn’t yet ready to settle down.The young man’s relocation to another country was also made known, leaving his pregnant girlfriend to bear her burden by alone.

@nellykiki0 tweeted,

“My neighbor’s boyfriend told her they can only get married if she gets pregnant, she got pregnant, told her boyfriend, he said he was joking and he’s not ready for marriage, he left the country today.”

Social media users have expressed their opinions about the incident and criticized the young man for tricking his girlfriend.See a few comments below.

@ajidagba kehinde;__ wrote, “That’s bad. The right person doesn’t leave you confused, struggling or unloved.”

@notthatphumi wrote, “For her sake I hope she deleted that baby expeditiously”

@jelilat_oj wrote, “LmaooHe is not ready for marriage but he can do what married people are doing…I just hope and pray my gender fall inlove with their head.”

@may_veez wrote, “Lmaooooooo I can’t even shout.Which kind smelling ultimatum be that ??? Why the actual fuck are you getting pregnant in hopes someone wifes youWe better find someone that wants a future and not this rough play”


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