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Lady fails her friend’s loyalty test and accepted to sleep with her boyfriend for N50k

A Nigerian woman put her friend to the test to see if she would succumb to her boyfriend’s overtures, and she failed!The lady claimed in a viral video that her buddy had come to see her at her man’s house and was currently showering in the bathroom; she then revealed her plan to perform a prank on her.She persuaded a male acquaintance to pretend to be her lover and approach her friend in the bathroom with the offer of having s*x with her while she was away from home.When her male companion arrived in the restroom, he requested if he could come in and have a quickie s*x with her via the door.

The lady, who was taken aback by his proposition, chastised him for having the guts to ask for it. She also informed him that if he didn’t want her to insult him, he should stop immediately.The man, however, refused to back down and instead offered her N20,000 for sex, which she declined.He then raised the amount to N30,000, but she still refused.He eventually raised his asking price to N50k, which caused the lady in the bathroom to go silent, as if she was weighing the offer.

She accepted the offer and suggested that instead of having sex in the bathroom, they meet at a hotel.The man said that there was no need for it and that they could do it swiftly in the bathroom.When she opened the door, she was given the shock of her life when she saw her ‘friend’ waiting outside as well.


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