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Lady bites coursemate’s ear while fighting over boyfriend in class

In front of their peers, two young women were seen arguing indecently in the classroom and it was caught on camera.

Although it is unclear if the man at the center of the drama was dating both of them or just one of them while having an affair with the other, it was gathered that they were fighting over the same man.Female students from an unidentified university were seen tugging one other’s hair in a video that has been going viral online.

The fight got so intense that oe of the ladies bit the other girl’s ear and she immediately screamed in pain.It was at that moment that other girls came to separate them.

Read some comments below ??

one_major_11; Is a pitty how some girls are gradually turning into animals ??

wallartycool; Boy boy boy all the time…. don’t they think about food and money? Nawa

barbie_202214; Disgusting humans


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