Kamala Khan: Marvel’s first Muslim south-Asian superhero

No one expects the brown kid from New Jersey to be the one to save the world”

Marvel’s commitment to diversifying its cinematic universe, it makes a bold move of introducing the world to its first Muslim south Asian character, Kamala Khan. Although her debut is set for this year’s summer, the news of her series production was announced at D23 back in 2019. And now, an official first official trailer for the Disney plus mini-series has been unveiled which shows the Pakistani-American new powers and the thrilling adventure fans are to expect in the six-episode series.

Kamala Khan made her comics debut in 2013 and was quick to become a fan favourite in the Marvel fandom. Considering the successful slew of mini-series last year which included LOKI, Wanda Vision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, What…If?, and Hawkeye, Marvel has deemed it fit for her story to follow the same approach but with a unique twist.

Newbie Iman Vellani takes the lead role for the titular character in this series which will cause her to appear in more MCU flicks from now on, considering a marvel multiverse is in motion. Originally, Kamala was introduced as an “Inhuman” in the comics, but her nature and powers would likely be altered in the live-action adaptation as seen in the trailer footage where her powers come from gauntlets.

Asides from the superhero plotline, other themes that make Ms Marvel a crowd-pleaser yet to hit Disney plus, is the incorporation of Kamala’s cultural heritage, religion, teenage angst and the coming-of-age story of who one would assume to be a regular high school girl. After all, “No one expects the brown kid from New Jersey to be the one to save the world” The teenage hero says to her best friend in the trailer.


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