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“I’ve been married for years but I’ve never cooked,” says Dr Ola Brown, founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria.

Dr. Ola Brown, the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria, has revealed that she has been married for a long time and has never cooked.She made this statement in response to the current prevalent topic of women being forced to cook during family gatherings.

It began when a man posted on Twitter that his wife would not cook at any family gathering.”If you can’t get a caterer, drink water,” he tweeted. “My wife will not cook at any family gathering.”This erupted into a full-fledged argument on the microblogging platform, with netizens offering their opinions.While some defended the custom, claiming it is a way for women to bond, others questioned why only women are supposed to bond over cooking while men are expected to bond over alcohol.Dr. Ola responded by stating that she has been married for many years and has never cooked. If she wants to bond with other ladies, she says they should go to a spa or a restaurant.

She wrote on Twitter,”A catering company was hired for my wedding.I’ve been married for a long time, but I’ve never cooked.We go to a spa/restaurant when I want to bond with other women.”

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