It’s sad, frustrating if man with big penis doesn’t know how to use it – Yemi Alade laments

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, has bemoaned how some men who are blessed with well-endowed penises but are unable to use them to satisfy their partners in bed.

According to her, one of the saddest things to happen in a bedroom is a man fails to make his partner climax during sexual intercourse.

She made these comments while speaking as a panelist on a show titled ‘Lip Service Podcast’.

She added that while some men who are less-endowed are desirous of a sizeable manhood to make them do a good job in bed, others who are privileged to have it don’t utilize it to the maximum.

“You have to experience certain things to know how it feels like and in my case, I realized that this doesn’t work for me. It’s such a turn-off. Size matters sometimes but skill does because some people have it and don’t know how to use it and this is sad,” Yemi Alade cried.

When asked how she would address such a situation if she found herself in one, the singer said: “In addressing it I’m going to go like, I really do like you and I like the time we spend together. What do you think, should we make it more interesting? I feel we could do other things than you just being on top of me, try other interesting positions.”


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