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“It’s not enough reason to cry if a good woman leaves you,” Reno Omokri warns men.

Reno Omkri, a Nigerian author and lawyer, has chastised men who cry when their wives leave them.

He believes that crying when a woman terminates a relationship, even if she is a good lady, is a sign of weakness

“A guy wins respect when he weeps over the death of a loved one.” He projects vulnerability if he weeps because a woman has left him or has rejected his proposal. How can you weep over a girl? Christ, indeed, cried. But where did He go when He cried? He tweeted, “At Lazarus’ funeral!”

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A Twitter user, on the other hand, said that because men are human, they can express their emotions when a good lady leaves.Reno Omokri responded by saying that the greatest thing for a man to do at such moment is not to cry, but to go out and find a better one.

In his words:

“It’s not enough to mourn because a good woman abandons you. Consider this scenario: if you had $3.5 billion and lost $1, would you be upset? On the planet, there are 3.5 billion other women. Many of them will be excellent. Rather than crying, go find another one! In fact, don’t bother looking for another one. Instead, go find a better one.

Grow yourself to the point that ladies should weep at the prospect of losing you. Stop chasing them after them. Go for your dreams of achievement. No good lady will leave you once you have a good grasp of business, paired with self-control, and have made money your servant rather than your master!

But if you’re continually kowtowing to her, professing love, writing songs, and following her around like a puppy, you’ll make it impossible for her to respect you, and she’ll pack her stuff and look for a real guy who understands that he’s the top of the relationship.”

What can you say about this? Is he right or wrong? Pls kindly drop your comments below

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