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It doesn’t bother me if Toyin Abraham, my wife, is wealthier than I am – actor Kolawole Ajeyemi

Actor Kolawole Ajeyemi has responded to individuals who compare his financial situation and age to his wife and colleague Toyin Abraham.

The Actor/Producer claimed in an interview with The Tribune that it didn’t matter if his wife was wealthier than him.As he puts it:

” I was born in 1979, and many of my coworkers are aware of my age. As I previously stated, I began working in the field in 1997, and I assume she did not begin working in the industry until recently. Subtract my age from 1997, when I first entered the industry, and compare the results. As a result, I’m older than my wife.Then there’s the question of being richer or more popular, whether you have money or not, whether you’re famous or not, God is the one who owns money or fame and freely provides it to anyone he wants. Whether I am more popular or wealthy than she is, the fact remains that we are both well-known and wealthy. It barely matters if my wife is wealthier than I am. In the sense that neither of us is being arrogant to the other about it.

There is no problem because, in the end, it is beneficial to both sides; you help each other. In terms of popularity, I’m doing quite well for myself. Even before I met my wife, I was in the industry and doing well, and I made a living doing what I do.Right now, I’m running a business. I also own a vast, very large farm. So, I’m doing fine for myself, and that’s fine with me. She’s doing OK as well, and I’ve never wished she’d come down. I’m not that type of guy; I wasn’t raised in that manner. I’m hoping she keeps going up and I stay at the top. My wife, on the other hand, is not older than I am; I was born in 1979, as many people are aware. Those who argue about whether she is older or younger than me are the ones who generate problems between husbands and wives. I think they should cease doing that. If they do not stop, persons in the marriage should not allow such conversations to affect them.”

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