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Individuals Are Seriously Living In Hardship And Hunger” Actress, Dayo Amusa say’s

There is a ton of difficulty in the country with costs of food things every day on the ascent compelling difficulty and yearning on individuals.

Indeed, even Nollywood celebs who are known to frame enjoying a luxurious lifestyle have set that to the side to grumble harshly over their failure to purchase sufficient food in spite of expenditure vigorously on them.

Truth be told, there arent many individuals who bring in cash through legitimate implies that will say with full chest that the monetary isnt taking a frightful nibble. In a new Instagram post, Dayo Amusa expressed obviously that the economy has imploded and that is the reason many individuals ard now living in difficulty and yearning.

The famous entertainer isn’t one to avoid tending to circumstances that have constrained individuals into anguish.

She composed;

The degree of hustle this days is serious stuff or childs play. The economy is dea d individuals are genuinely living in difficulty and yearning. How could we arrive sef I wish and petition God for more effortlessness to accomplish more than I do Home Calling

Reactions below ?

fancyprincess09: Auntie Dayo, My own irritation is the reason expanding cost and simultaneously decreasing the substance of item? Shey na government cause this one as well? For instance Hollandia Evap famous cost was 30naira now its sold for 100naira but then nothing dey inside.

ajoke_beauties: Wahalai,it hasnt been easybut I ask God keeps on coming through for us.

aduke_luxury: You can say that again how could we arrive. May God help us.

tokunbobaboon: So u know people’s till feel or think its a joke the most exceedingly terrible is that online media and phony life people’s and yeyecelebrities are as yet making people not to believe that the nation called Nigeria is in a major wreck.

olawally777: @dayoamusa People should appeal to God for intervention.probably military upset to end this government.l feel crying seeing standard Nigerians suffering..we cant proceed with like this.look everything should be investigate to end awful administration.

hanofiewatomilola: Naso we see am oooo momma infact in chapel we dont realize where to coordinate the petitions also perhaps to Nigeria or to buhari

mumcy_testimony_: Am pregnant and terrified simultaneously imgine it me second child however I felt it not presently awful economy is terrifying.

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