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In Oyo, a woman was beaten up by her husband for supposed infidelity (Photos)

Mujidat Ademola, a 30-year-old mother of four, is on the verge of losing an eye after her husband allegedly battered her in Oyo state over alleged infidelity.According to a story by SakiFirst, the mother-of-four was beaten to pulp by her husband, Nurudeen Amao Ariya, after he accused her of cheating last week Tuesday.

Mujidat was rushed to a clinic in their area around 1 a.m. and bled for hours, according to Sakifirst.The whole report can be found here:”Unfortunately, we had to write this; all of our efforts to correct it were in fruitless, perhaps because this man doesn’t realize he was wrong.” We’re not here to smear the SAKI name, but someone is dying, and we can’t keep our mouths silent.”At around 11 p.m. on Tuesday night, MUJIDAT ADEMOLA and her husband NURUDEEN AMAO ARIYA had an altercation that turned violent as a result of the husband’s suspicions that his wife had committed infidelity.

Around 1 a.m., she was taken to a clinic outside of their region, where her husband begged the nurse to cover him up for the ASSAULT. SAKIFIRST was the first to get the news, and we went to the clinic the next morning.She was taken to University College Hospital SEPETERI for a thorough assessment and testing because the injury was so severe. The convener of SAKIFIRST spoke on behalf of SAKIFIRST to witness and save the woman’s life. It was awful; the blood from MUJIDAT’s eyes didn’t stop pouring for hours. She was eventually transferred to the University of Calabar in Ibadan.

We have messaged and called the spouse since he dropped MUJIDAT at the hospital that night, but he has failed to react. He dropped her and walked away, not looking back until now, when we’re typing this.ADEKUNLE M LAWAL, the convener of SAKIFIRST, phoned him last night and told him to pay the amount of 120K that had been requested at UCH. It was a long call that ended in squabbles because he refused to pay the bill. It appears that this individual does not consider what he done to be wrong.As we write this, SAKIFIRST is being attacked because some people genuinely believe in wife beaters. Someone in SAKI died a few weeks ago as a result of a similar problem.
Even after the death of Nimatallahi, the rate at which men beat their wives is increasing as we write this. We implore the security authorities to perform their jobs since this may be one’s daughter, sister, or friend the next time. If you suspect cheating in your marriage, go to family court.Mujidat, a 30-year-old mother of four, is on the verge of losing her eyesight since her nerves appear to be impacted, according to the doctor, and she need immediate attention. Mujidat is still in Saki, perhaps for financial reasons… Since then, one of the husband’s friends has only dropped $50,000.

Wife battering is rampant, but I believe our society must act immediately to put an end to it. Although SAKIFIRST was not created to fight against any gender, we cannot afford to lose any SAKITE, no matter how difficult the issue may be.The images of the wife and husband are shown below. We’ll update you on our progress later. There needs to be a scapegoat, and NURUDEEN should be that scapegoat. May our homes be peaceful, and our society be secure.Our parents always act as if they hurried their girls out the door. Your daughter has returned home from a terrible and failing marriage. Every day, people are killed as a result of attack.

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