In order to raise money for my girlfriend, i kidnapped my sister -Suspect says

Ibrahim Kazeem, a 22-year-old man who kidnapped hus six yeae old step sister in Kaduna State was arrested by the police.

According to reports, he conspired with his girlfriend to kidnap his younger step sister on her was back from school.

Though the ransom was fixed at N3m, Ibrahim tried pleading with his gang members to accept N200k agreed to be paid by his father due to trauma.

Ibrahim went to deliver the money and made sure not to go with the police.

The suspect was arrested and the case was transferred to the State Criminal Interrogation and Intelligence Department where it was taken over by SARS.

He said,

At the end, he was asked to drop the money at a designated place where there were many people. From there, they asked him to go and pass the night at a school where the child would be brought to him. Later they changed their mind and asked him to sleep at the motor park. Around 2am, they called him on the phone to go and pick the abducted girl at a designated place. They ordered him to go immediately and pick her before another group would kidnap her”.

And also said,

“My girlfriend came visiting and I kept her in an apartment detached from our main building.“Nobody knew she was in that house. But during her stay, I could not give her money. She suggested that we should abduct my step -daughter so as to raise the money to give her. She said my father would not hesitate to bring out money for ransom.“On the day she was returning from Islamic school, I took her to my girlfriend who was on a motorbike. I had to appeal to them to release her because of the tension Asiya’s disappearance caused. Now I am ashamed of myself “.


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