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In January of last year, a Nigerian lady received a surprise marriage proposal from a man she met on Instagram (photos)

Motun, a Nigerian lady, was recently stunned by a marriage proposal from her sweetheart, whom she met on Instagram in January of last year.

The soon-to-be Mrs disclosed on her Instagram page that it all started with an Instagram DM in January 2021.
She wrote, “Sharing images from the lovely proposal,

“It all started with an Instagram direct message at the start of 2021. To put things in perspective, he’s been in my dm since 2019 lol. It all started when he wrote me a text that caught my eye. I didn’t answer for three days after he commented, “I’m going to get in trouble because of this.” When I told him he had to patronize my business before he could acquire my WhatsApp number, it seemed like an eternity ago. He drew me in with something about him.

We talked all the time, talked about our future plans, and he gradually became into my best friend and confidant. When my business was struggling, this man genuinely contacted me every morning to pray for me and my company, and he even convinced me to join pastor Bolaji’s prayers on Instagram Live. We simply fell into sync with each other, which is simple to do with someone as considerate and compassionate as him. At its best, intentionality.

Nothing feels forced or overcomplicated because we’re always on the same page. We are simply the purest expression of love. I can hardly grasp it myself, but you have no idea what a blessing God has bestowed upon me. I’m eternally grateful to God for allowing me to be my own person. He transforms me into the best version of myself. Saying yes to you, my one true love, my perfect match, is the best decision I’ve ever made. #mojibssforever”.


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