In Bayelsa, two boys were caught while allegedly attempting to use a 14-year-old girl for money r!tuals.

Two teenage lads were apprehended while reportedly attempting to utilize a 14-year-old girl for money r!tual purposes, causing chaos in the Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa state.

The event occurred at Sagbama Federated Community in the early hours of Monday, January 3.The boys, who were claimed to be 16 years old, allegedly used their charm to entice the girl to an unfinished building where they would carry out their diabolical plans.However, they ran out of luck when a stranger noticed them and suspected their ‘dangerous behavior.’
The incident’s facts are hazy, but images and videos of the young boys after they were apprehended have been published online.One of them was carrying a mirror, while the other was clutching other unexplained objects in the images.One of the youngsters is reported to be the son of the Amanana-owei community’s traditional ruler.

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