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In Anambra, a one-year-old daughter was k!lled by a kerosene explosion.

Kamsiyochukwu, a one-year-old girl from Awka, Anambra State, d!ed in a kerosene explosion at her parents’ home.

The sad situation occurred on Monday, January 3rd, when kerosene from her grandmother’s village lantern exploded.Kamsiyochukwu, who suffered major burns in the fire, passed away this morning, according to a family member, Obu Gad, who shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook.

“Life can be perplexing at times. Just returned home to find Kamsiyochukwu had succumbed to d£ath. What occurred, I was asked. She was involved in a domestic mishap in which she was burned by kerosene from a lamp that burst.This little kid was in excruciating pain all day yesterday since she didn’t die quickly after being burned (imagine the kind of pain she must have been into). Her entire body was burned, and her grandmother, who was nearby, narrowly escaped with her face burned but alive.

The Glory did not go until this morning, wrapped in a p.o.p. Kamsiyochukwu passed away this morning when she could no longer handle the torture. “We lost her to death’s frigid embrace…” He wrote.

In a Facebook post, the deceased’s mother, Chidera Nwaobu, also confirmed the incident.

What a torturous end for me.” Why did you abandon me, Kamsi? Why me in the year 2022? My love, I adore you. Rest in the Lord’s bosom, Amen. “Your mummy and daddy adore you.” She wrote an essay.

See her post below 👇🏿

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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