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‘I’m of legal age to get pregnant.’ Bimpe Oyebade, an actress, slams critics over her alleged pregnancy.

Bimpe Oyebade, a Nollywood actress, has responded to the news of her alleged pregnancy for Lateef Adedimeji, her colleague and partner. Bimpe Oyebade is pregnant, according to Gistlovers, an Instagram blogger who released information of Bimpe and Lateef’s wedding, which will take place in Lagos on December 22nd.Bimpe’s developing tummy and, most likely, some of the pregnancy glow in her Instagram photographs have piqued the interest of netizens and womb watchers since then.On her Instagram profile, Bimpe Oyebade published a TikTok video of herself dancing and revealing her belly, and some of her fans reacted. In one of the pinned comments on Bimpe Oyebade’s profile, an Instagram user chastised others who claimed she was pregnant. In the video, woman does not appear to have a bloated stomach, and she continues by saying that people leave their troubles at home and hide beneath the phone keyboard to trash others.

Detractors should keep yelling, Bimpe Oyede responded, because she is old enough to get pregnant or have a baby, even if the news of her pregnancy is real.Bimpe also stated that if God blessed her with a pregnancy, she would not hide it from anyone because babies are God’s blessing.

Real yomide: Una, no more pregnancy talk in the comments area, ni? Una dey send love emoji to somebody who dey look peg in adefits with no swollen tummy? Eti ya were! Una dey leave una own matter for the house, and the phone dey yarn dust. Gambia, Ewu

Hey darling, it’s enough now, let them rant. Bimpe Oyebade wrote: Hey darling, it’s enough now, let them rant. Let them be fooled by their folly because I’m old enough to get pregnant or have a baby. When God blesses me, I won’t hide it from any of them since babies are God’s blessings. I pinned your comment, and the dragging beneath is something I don’t like

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