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“I’m not interested in men because they bore to me.” BB – Angel Smith (Naija)

Rather outspoken Angel Smith, the 21-year-old Big Brother Naija reality TV star, has disclosed her current mental state.

Angel wrote on Twitter that everything, including guys, has gotten boring to her these days.
“Recently, I’ve been so uninterested in life. I’m not interested in romance (even if guys have always bored me), I’m not writing, I’m not texting pals, I’m just exhausted and overwhelmed in bed. There is no social or romantic life. Hopefully, I’ll be able to break free from this rut. I’ll put it down to the illness.”Angel will have to put to rest any rumors that she is in a love relationship with her fellow resident, Cross, with this update.Angel Smith responded to moral critics who were shaming her over her indecent behavior on the Big Brother show in a separate social media post.Angel made it plain that they should not use their personal moral compass to make life more difficult for any of her friends on the show.
Angel Smith, the fourth runner-up, acknowledged that while being on the show brings celebrity, they are still humans who make errors.

“Mental health is really essential guys,” she wrote. It’s easy to forget that everyone on the program is a human being; fame comes with the territory, but we’re just like you, and we’ll make errors. Let’s be gentle with each other. Don’t make it more difficult for any of us by relying on your personal moral compass.”

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