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“If you toast me with a 2012 Benz, I’m not going to take you seriously,” a lady says to a man who is driving a “ancient model of Mercedes Benz.”

A voice tape is making the rounds on the internet of a lady belittling males who drive vintage Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Despite the fact that she knows a 2012 Mercedes costs a fortune, the lady in the now-viral audio tape said she would never consider a man who woos her seriously if he drives a 2012 Mercedes.A Mercedes worth seven million naira, in her opinion, is not a car to be proud of.She went on to say that if her friend wants to buy a Mercedes, he should look for one from 2016 forward, not a 2012 model, even if it isn’t a 2022 model.

The lady, who appears to be without a car, stated that if she were to purchase one, she would never buy an older model Benz.


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