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“I need a girlfriend since living on the streets is so expensive” – BB Tuoyo, a Nigerian celebrity, prays to the God of Shiloh.

Tuoyo Ideh, a reality television personality, has resorted to social media to plead with the ‘God of Shiloh’ for a committed relationship.The 25-year-old fitness fanatic stated that he is looking for a beautiful woman who is interested in a meaningful relationship with him and would accept him for who he is.

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He claims that he is weary of the street life because it is so costly. He also promised not to cheat on her if he finds a woman.”God of Shiloh, please, I need a serious fine girlfriend, someone who would love me for me, this street life is too expensive,” he posted on Instagram. I swear I’m not going to betray her.”

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Tuoyo Ideh has voiced concern about the type of women he attracts or encounters.In a post on his Instagram stories, the reality star said that the women he’s ever been interested in or met are usually broken.Meeting/attracting broken girls has become a habit for him, and he now contemplates seeking deliverance.
“I think I need to go to Shiloh this year, since I’m not sure why it’s always damaged girls I meet or am attracted to.” He penned something.

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