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I learned about k!dnapping from watching movies starring actor Zubby Michael — the 23-year-old suspect

A guy who was arrested by police in Ogun state for allegedly kidnapping a six-year-old child has claimed that he learned how to kidnap from Nollywood actor Zubby Michael’s films.

On November 16, 2021, the suspect, named as Ayobamidele Kudus Ayodele, allegedly kidnapped the student from his school in Lagos’ Ojo Alaba neighbourhood and held him captive for four days until a ransom of nearly half a million dollars was received for his release.

He stated, according to Vanguard,

“My favorite Nollywood actor is Zubby Michael, who excels in kidnapping roles. I decided to test out some of the ways employed by Zubby in the movies to kidnap kids and adults.I began by going to many schools in the Ojo area to see if I could pick children without anyone knowing. I went to a school near Alaba Market on November 16, 2021, and stayed at the gate.I noticed two students arriving at school. One of them was walking with a cane in his hand. I came to a halt in front of them and began conversing with them. I seized one of their canes and inquired as to where he purchased it. I told him to take me there when he mentioned it. I promised him in hushed tones that I would buy biscuits and chocolate for him.

I took the youngster to a hotel in Ilogbo Eremi, Lagos, to avoid exposing to myself. I contacted his father and requested another N2 million from him. We stayed for four days before his family was able to raise the sum of N550,000. Because he had access to my phone, which included various games, the youngster remained quiet throughout.I apologize for inflicting so much pain to his family. I’m not a cu!tist or a robber with a gun. I don’t belong to a gang. I simply practiced by watching Zubby Michael. My parents did an excellent job of raising me; I was just impatient and greedy.”

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