I k!lled a five-year-old using N100 rat poison. Hanifa Abubakar, a Kano proprietor confesses

Abdulmalik Tanko, a schoolteacher who was arrested for the murder of Hanifa Abubakar, a 5-year-old student at his school, has admitted to the crime.

Hanifa was abducted on her way home on December 4, 2021. Her body, however, was discovered two days ago in a small grave within the Noble Kids Nursery and Primary School property in Kawana, Kano.The school proprietor, who had called her parents after her k!dnapping and sought an N6 million ransom, was apprehended by police.Tanko said he k!lled the little girl with N100 rat poison while being paraded before newsmen at the Kano Police Command headquarters on Friday, January 21.Despite admitting to the crime, he denied that he k!lled the young girl for a money r!tual.

“I scooped her up inside Keke NAPEP and carried her to my house, where I told my wife the girl was the daughter of one of the women who worked at my school, and that the mother had traveled and was pleading with us to keep her for a few days.” For that reason, my wife accepted and kept the daughter.I realized the girl’s parents had been informed that she mentioned ‘uncle’ when she was picked up. This gave me the idea that they were looking for the uncle in me.

Then, after a few days, some of my instructors arrived to my house very early in the morning, and I suspected that they were sent over to the house to see if the girl was still there with me; this occurred on the fifth day after the k!dnapping.So I made the decision that it was better if I found a means before I was discovered. I considered transferring this girl to another state, but I assumed the entire community was aware of her disappearance. We’d be apprehended if the girl was sent out through the main thoroughfares. So that’s when I came up with the idea of murdering her.

“I picked her up at her house; she was already sleeping, and it was 11 p.m. I took her home… I used to drink tea on a regular basis… I was sipping tea at the time, so I poured the remaining tea into an empty BoBo yoghurt container, then poured in the rat k!ller poison and handed it to the girl, not in my own home.When we were passing by the other school, I told her that I was driving her back to her uncle’s house, so I gave her the drink on the road and she drank it, and then we went into one of the two branches of the school.

We followed her into the other branch, where I told her I was going to pick something up. She went in, and it was there that she d!ed.I paid 100 naira for the poison. In the school, I buried her. Let me explain things up for you. People believe it has anything to do with r!tuals, but it does not. I had to bury her inside the school because I couldn’t locate a safe area to dig a hole.” He stated his case.

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