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I had only one shoe at a point in my life-musician,Joeboy

Joeboy, a Nigerian singer and composer, has spoken about some of the difficulties he had as a child.In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the musician confessed how being ashamed as a child for not paying his school fees had a negative impact on his self-esteem.

Joeboy also revealed some of his early troubles, revealing that he worked under the sun in Ogun state to market a product.The 24-year-old also revealed that there was a moment in his life when he only had one shoe, a knockoff designer shoe, which inspired him to promise to always buy shoes whenever he became wealthy.

In his words;

“Sometimes I felt like everything should simply end because it was difficult,” he says.”I recall after secondary school, I was broke and looking for work. I recall looking for work for a month straight.”I’d prepare my curriculum vitae.” I once travelled from Ilaje to Sabo in quest of employment with a friend. We sent in our resumes but were ultimately turned down for the positions.”Eventually, I landed a position as a product promoter for a company in the sun.” They transported us to a rigorous redemption camp in Ogun State. Every week, we were paid N5000.

Life was difficult at the time, and I recall having only one Nike sneaker, which was a knockoff. So, when I eventually blow, one vow I made to myself was that I will always buy shoes.”These days, when I’m feeling bad, I just go out and purchase shoes.” There was more to life than failing an exam or not being able to pay school fees.”I remember a moment when this happened to me. I’ll just suggest that if a youngster owes school fees, don’t call him or her out on it. Simply inform the child that he or she will not be attending school.”Don’t scold kids for not paying their school fees; they don’t have any.” Owners of schools should not make a youngster feel embarrassed because he or she owes money to the school.

“It was quite humiliating for me at the time since it harmed my self-esteem.”

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