“I fainted twice,” says a Nigerian guy when his wife tells him that he is not the father of their 14-year-old daughter.

Yaqub Ganiyu, a Nigerian man, has described his reaction after his wife, Muridia, informed him that their 14-year-old daughter isn’t his.

In a recent interview with Vanguard, Yakubu, who has been married to his wife for 17 years, revealed this. The commercial motorcyclist, who lives in Lagos state, claims that he is still in shock and amazement.The father of four claimed that his wife informed him that their daughter’s biological father is an old neighbor who has gone to Germany.Yakubu described how he met his wife and how they ended up in their current circumstances.

“I first met Muridia when she was an apprentice 17 years ago. I provided financial assistance to her till she learned the talent. Following that, we began dating and lived together. I took her to Lagos from Otu Village in Oyo State so that she might start a company.We have four children, a daughter and three sons, ranging in age from 14 to 8 years and three months.While I was working as a truck driver, everything in the household first ran smoothly. I eventually lost that job. To put food on the table, I started riding a motorcycle.

My wife began acting abnormally recently, and I became aware of this. I remained cool to allow peace to rule till she returned home with a Tecno-5 phone. She supplied a poor answer when I inquired where she got it from. I also discovered she was corresponding with a man whose identify I didn’t recognize. I had no choice except to grasp the phone.She woke me up at midnight about a month ago and informed me that I was not the biological father of our 14-year-old daughter. Her ex-boyfriend, who lives in Germany, is the biological father of the child, she claims. You won’t believe it when I tell you that this same man and I used to be neighbors before he went abroad.

I passed out twice from astonishment and bewilderment. I was resuscitated by my neighbors. The fact that the man she claimed to be the biological father is a relative and an old friend of mine perplexed me. One of my aunt’s wives is one of his father’s two wives.I later learned that things with him were not going well. When they inquired into the spiritual cause, it was revealed that he had a child someplace and that there would be no solution to his problem until he accepted the paternity of the child.At first, I believed my wife had lost her mind. I asked her family members to pray for her recovery, However, I was unaware that she had other plans.

She reported the incident to So-Safe Corps in Abule-Iroko, Ogun State, two weeks ago. The Corps detained and arrested me. Officials from the organization told me to pack my possessions and leave our one-room flat.’They demanded that I restore the phone I had seized to her and pay N5,000 weekly for the family’s upkeep. Since then, I’ve been homeless. Both families have been made aware of the situation, although Muridia’s family members appear to be in support of her decision. My mother is in her eighties, and my older brother is too sick to help.

My wife’s alleged father of my daughter warned me to stay away from her or face the consequences, bragging that he had the financial means to deal with me. I used to own three motorcycles, but I sold them to help support my family. The one I’m currently using was obtained through a hire purchase agreement.”At an interview with Vanguard, his wife, Muridia, told her version of the tale in their one-room apartment on Matomi Street in Alagbado. When she met Yakub, she acknowledged that she was actually pregnant for another man.

His words;

“When I found out I was six weeks pregnant, I notified Teslim, but he took me away and instructed me to kill the pregnancy.”Yaqub entered into my life and slept with me, which was fortunate for me. I told him I was pregnant for him a few weeks later, he accepted paternity, and we pooled our finances to rent an apartment. While Yaqub was visiting from Lagos, Teslim and I were in the village.I work as a hairdresser, but our time together has been difficult because Yaqub does not have a steady source of money to support his family.

Attempts to leave the marriage were futile since he strategically tied me down with pregnancy. This is my fourth rented apartment, yet he always manages to ruin my prospects of being alone.I received a call one day from Teslim’s friend, who inquired as to what had happened to Teslim’s 15-year-old pregnancy; I did not respond.

Teslim’s relative sent me a Tecno-5 phone because mine got broken when I was at church. Teslim called to tell me he was in Germany, but that settling down in his marriage had been difficult. He told me that he was told by divination to go claim the fatherhood of the baby he had abandoned in order to live a normal life.Yaqub and I had a fight in my shop two weeks ago. Neighbors intervened by contacting the So Safe Corps, who were able to apprehend him.

My uncle and other family members are aware of the situation. There are plans to conduct a DNA test to determine my daughter’s biological father, Zainab,” she said.

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